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Welcome to  The

Wine Room of Manalapan.


At The Wine Room you will use professional winery equipment, including authentic wine presses from Italy.

The Wine Room

of Manalapan

The Wine Room is a haven for wine lovers, where you can interact with other wine enthusiasts, regardless of your level of experience! We invite you to gather your friends, families and co-workers and join us for winemaking sessions where you will experience the excitement of hand crafting your very own wines from over 25 varieties of select grapes brought in from California and Chile. At The Wine Room you will use professional winery equipment, including authentic wine presses from Italy.




The Wine Room offers wine experiences designed to make your special occasion (engagement, anniversary, birthday, etc.) a truly memorable event! Meet with our events manager to plan an exceptional party, or work with our master winemakers to create a fine wine that will add a uniquely personal touch to your next celebration!


All our wines are made one barrel at a time and aged in American oak barrels. Interested winemakers can get involved in half or full barrels. We have individuals and couples making half barrels, groups of friends and co-workers making barrels, and families and neighborhoods making multiple barrels.


Wine Making

At The Wine Room, we combine traditional winemaking, modern science, and a passion for wine to make exceptional wines that are fresh, healthy, and a delicious addition to any gathering. California wines can be made in the fall and bottled the following summer, and Chilean wines can be made...


White Wines


This premier California varietal grape yields a full bodied, moderately acidic, dry austere wine that is magnificent with "light" foods, including rich cream sauces or with fruit & cheese


Red Juices from Italy


Full flavored and full bodied. Considered one of Italy's bestred wines



 The Wine Press

I do like to think about the life of wine, how it's a living thing. I like to think about what was going on the year the grapes were growing, how the sun was shining that summer or if it rained... what the weather was like. I think about all those people who tended and picked the grapes, and if it's an old wine, how many of them must be dead by now. I love how wine continues to evolve, how every time I open a bottle it's going to taste different than if I had opened it on any other day. Because a bottle of wine is actually alive -- it's constantly evolving and gaining complexity. That is, until it peaks -- like your '61 -- and begins its steady, inevitable decline. And it tastes so f---ing good." - Our favorite excerpt from Sideways, released by Fox Searchlight Pictures

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