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Wine Tasting

Saturday. August 24, 2019
From 12pm - 4pm

Aug 7 & 8


Aug 15


Aug. 21


from 12-3pm.


RSVP required at 732-792-7007

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The Ultimate Corporate Event

Has your company been looking for an exciting outlet for business entertaining? A new appreciation gift for clients? Or perhaps the perfect idea for a team building adventure? The Wine Room is already a favorite of CEOs from fortune 500 companies, Wall Street stockbrokers, doctors, lawyers, and office employee groups. Personalized labels on your wine bottles can display your company's logo. Plan a memorable winemaking experience that your company can enjoy in one session, or over several sessions throughout an entire year!


Wedding Wines

Gather relatives and friends to make a barrel of wine for the next wedding in your family! Wine can be bottled in standard 750ml bottles for serving at the wedding, and/or smaller 375ml bottles to be used as wedding favors. Personalized labels in custom colors can offer congratulations and best wishes to the bride and groom on their special day!


Other Special Occasions

The Wine Room offers wine experiences designed to make your special occasion (engagement, anniversary, birthday, etc.) a truly memorable event! Meet with our events manager to plan an exceptional party, or work with our master winemakers to create a fine wine that will add a uniquely personal touch to your next celebration!

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