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All our wines are made one barrel at a time and aged in American oak barrels. Interested winemakers can get involved in half or full barrels. We have individuals and couples making half barrels, groups of friends and co-workers making barrels, and families and neighborhoods making multiple barrels. At The Wine Room, we feel that winemaking is a celebration, so our sessions often become social events as much as educational courses.

The "work" portion of each session is about 30 minutes, but most people spend 1 – 1 ½ hours per session at The Wine Room. Groups arrive before their scheduled time, often with a tray of food to enjoy in our Tuscan café setting. They move to the winery area to perform the task at hand, and then wander back to their table to finish snacks and linger and visit in the quaint surroundings.

While most groups are comprised of two to ten people for each barrel of wine being made, the price is not based on the number of people you have participating. It is based on the variety and quantity of wine made, along with your choices of new or used barrels, bottles, corks, capsules and labels.

RDL Labels welcomes you... The grapes have been crushed, the wine has been bottled, now RDL Marketing Group will supply a personalized label to add that special finishing touch.

Select from our many different catagories by logging in to view the labels available.

Once you have selected a label, complete the order form-fill in the heading, type of wine, and all of your personalized information.

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