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The Wine Room of Manalapan

Welcome to The Wine Room of Manalapan.

The Wine Room is a haven for wine lovers, where you can interact with other wine enthusiasts, regardless of your level of experience! We invite you to gather your friends, families and co-workers and join us for winemaking sessions where you will experience the excitement of hand crafting your very own wines from over 25 varieties of select grapes brought in from California and Chile.


At The Wine Room you will use professional winery equipment, including authentic wine presses from Italy.


You will bottle your wine with personalized labels so you can proudly share your vintage at casual gatherings or special occasions with guests, clients, or anyone who appreciates fine wine.

Join us for upcoming events at The Wine Room near you, and get involved with America's increasingly popular and prestigious gourmet hobby. Learn from the Master Winemakers at The Wine Room - and become one yourself!

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