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Our Reserve Wines


Winemakers are raving about their Reserve Wines. All winemakers have the option of creating their own Reserve wines. Reserve Wines are left in wooden oak barrels for up to two years. Aging adds tannins and creates full bodied wines, softer, smoother and enjoyed sooner.

There is an additional $300.00 fee for Reserve wines. The fee covers labor to maintain the wine, which includes additional racking, and topping off.


All wines are made in 53 gallon oak barrels. Accessories are not included in price. Each barrel will produce 20 to 21 cases of wine: 240 to 252 (750m1) bottles

Accessories not included in price:

Barrel purchase or Rental
Bottles, corks, capsules & filters
NJ Division of ABC License Fee: $15.00 each (required for all winemakers in group)
For best result it is recommended you start with a new oak barrel. Barrel prices;

New American Oak: $450.00 + tax
Barrel rental Fee: $100.00 + tax

All prices subject to change.

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