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At The Wine Room we combine traditional winemaking, modern science, and a passion for wine to make exceptional wines that are fresh, healthy, and a delicious addition to any gathering. California wines can be made in the fall and bottled the following summer, and Chilean wines can be made in the spring and bottled the following winter, so any season is perfect for making your own wine! Winemaking takes place in just three to four visits to The Wine Room and day, evening, or weekend sessions are available, with each session lasting one to two hours.

Session #1:

Once you have chosen the wine you wish to make (from over 25 varieties), freshly harvested grapes arrive at The Wine Room, where you use professional winemaking equipment to efficiently de-stem and crush the grapes. (Foot stomping is purely optional!)

Session #2:

Seven to ten days after crushing, you press your crushed grapes in authentic Italian wine presses. The wine is then pumped into American Oak barrels where it will continue to age and develop.

Session #3:

Your barrel is "racked" to remove sediment from the maturing wine.

Session #4:

Using small winery equipment you bottle, cork and cap your wine and attach personalized labels with your name as winemaker. Then you take your wine home to share and enjoy with family and friends!

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